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Adding Emergency Contact

How to add emergency contacts through ParentVue

On the top right-hand corner of ParentVue

Select: ParentVUE

Select: Online Registration

Step 1: Select: XXXX-XXXX Annual Student Verification

Step 2:

Step 3: Verify information and continue

Step 4:  Electronically sign, Save and Continue

You will review all tabs in order to submit any and all changes.

  • Family Demographics (Address and Mail Address) - Save and continue
  • Parent/ Guardian - Save and Continue
  • Emergency (Edit or Delete should appear next to your contacts)
  • Students
  • Review/ Submit

Step 5:    Verify information or make changes and save as needed

Step 6:

Emergency Tab

This icon will be at the bottom to add new contacts:

Once reviewed to the right of each contact will show a green complete marker:

You must review all tabs, Save and Submit until you check off that you have reviewed all registration data and verified that it is correct.

You will get a pop-up that asks you to confirm submission.

Last Step:

Last pop-up will show: