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Uniform Policy / Dress Code

A student’s dress and general appearance should not be such that it draws undesirable attention to the student, nor should dress and appearance detract or interfere with teaching and learning in the classroom and on the campus. It is expected that all students shall maintain their person and clothing in a modest, clean, and age-appropriate fashion consistent with our dress code and compatible with the instruction program. In an effort to maintain a safe and secure school environment, high schools may issue schoolwide identification badges to their students, faculty and staff members. Schools will notify parents of the necessity and requirements of the policy.  Students shall wear clothing, footwear and groom themselves for school in a manner, which does not offend the rules of decency or reflect negatively on or detract from any phase of the educational program.

General Dress Code and Grooming Guidelines:
▪ Clothing including hats, jewelry, accessories or skin art (tattoos) associated with alcohol,
drugs, tobacco, sex, obscenity, gangs or violence are prohibited.
▪ Outer clothes must completely cover underclothes.
▪ Footwear must be appropriate for school activities.
▪ Shirts must be appropriately fitted at the shoulders.
▪ Belts should be appropriately sized at the waist and fitted into the belt loops.
▪ All headgear, including sweater/jacket hoods, is prohibited with the exception of school spirit wear.
▪ Wallet chains, studded/spiked belts, bracelets, rings, etc. are prohibited.

Unacceptable Clothing:
▪ Dresses and Tops: Tank tops, mesh tops, Strapless tops and cut-out designs that reveal any body parts.
▪ Blouses and tops that bare the midriff at any time.
▪ Low neckline and backline tops and dresses.
▪ See through and sheer clothing.
▪ Short shorts/skirts/dresses and beach attire.

Dress Code Violation Consequences:
Students who appear at school wearing inappropriate clothing or who are inappropriately groomed will not be allowed to attend class until they make the changes necessary to meet the Long Beach Unified School District’s dress and grooming requirements. Changes could entail removing objectionable clothing items, putting on acceptable clothing provided by the school, or contacting parents to provide a change of appropriate clothing.  Repeated infractions will be subject to progressive discipline (see discipline plan for Defiance).

Note: Due to the fact that gang attire changes, the administration in consultation with law enforcement will determine definitions of what is gang-related.